Do It Yourself Painters Advice

Looking to do it yourself and need some painters advice? Check out our handy industry tips & tricks for professional advice before you get started painting your own home. The biggest mistake people make when undertaking DIY Painting Projects is being unprepared.

We recommend using industry professionals to get house painting done quickly, cleanly and affordably – contact us for a quick free quote!

For a professional finish and a satisfying painting project there are many things to consider before you rush out and start buying interior paints for your home. Otherwise CLICK HERE for more DIY Interior Painters info.

To achieve a great exterior finish for your house there are many factors to consider. Weather, safety, types of paints and most of all preparation. CLICK HERE for DIY videos, tool lists & advice for exterior house painting in Wellington.

Paintng your own fences is reasonably easy but only if you are prepared! A good power wash and a new coat or two of stain makes a huge difference to the appearance of your home exterior. CLICK HERE for more info on how to prepare your fence and stain it for a great finish.

Painting the roof of your house is necessary to maintain a good condition. It is very dangerous painting your own roof and you risk doing damage to the roof or yourself if you are not extremely careful. It could be well worth having us come and paint your roof to avoid injury and/or greater costs for repairs should you have an accident. We can also spot any repairs that may be needed for your consideration also. Otherwise – to continue with painting your home roof CLICK HERE for more info.

Wallpaper hangers are quite specialised. Though it may seem easy at first, there are a few considerations before embarking on a mammoth wallpapering exercise for your house! What type of paper you are using will determine many variables fro instance such as how much preparation needs to be done on the walls etc. Click Here for full info…